One Year Anniversary

Today was my one year anniversary in my new job as an IT Manager at ObjectSharp. It's been an interesting year; a year full of new experiences and surprises, mostly good ones.

One year ago I have traded a job at a public sector for one in a private sector. I have traded a stable and secure environment with clear guidelines, managerial or supervision rules and specific working times for a more open managerial style, openness to new ideas and more flexibility in rules with fewer guidelines. And, honestly, I have no regrets so far. After a year, I'm having more fun than ever. It's fascinating working with a team of exceptional people from a range of disciplines whose commitment to excellence is steadfast. At ObjectSharp, I got a chance to work with the newest and coolest technologies from Microsoft (often even before those technologies were available to the general public.) Here, I am working with a talented team of professionals who not only know how to get those technologies to work, but they know how to make them work better and more efficient. I love it!

On sad note, today I was expecting balloons, hugs, high fives, or even just a disgusted "I can't believe your still here". Nothing. Well, there is still time... ;)

Note: Later that day I did get a few high fives, no balloons though J