How open source has influenced Windows Server 2008

I have found a very interesting article on Technet on how open source community has influenced Windows Server 2008. I think it is very encouraging that Microsoft is taking user’s feedback seriously and trying to integrating the improvements developed by open source community into its system. And, if they make a few bucks along the way by doing this, so be it.

One has to admit, there's no better enterprise level system then Windows server. Not yet, anyway. It's streamlined and well designed; it's an excellent tool for desktop and user support/control (OUs and policies). Exchange, ISA, WSUS, and many others integrate naturally into AD. It is about what public knows the best, at work, at home, and in the library. As much as I love Linux, it's not even close to being there. It's all dispersed, scattered-around collection of technology DIY's, that works, but has no core. For those who want to learn more about Windows Server 2008 and, as I am, are too lazy to read a book, here are some clear installation instructions from TrainSignal:

It will be interesting to see a similar lists for other Microsoft products, such as Office, SQL Server or Visual Studio.