Where is Barry Gervin?

I'm a pretty mobile guy and if you work with me, it can be hard to know where I am on any given day. I could be in our ObjectSharp office, working at home, at a client, working or meeting with peers at a variety of meeting places, coffee shops, etc. around town. Or I could be be traveling, perhaps visiting MS in Redmond or at a conference some where. Maybe you're my wife and want to know why I'm not there for dinner yet :)

Well this is the page for you. Right now I'm experimenting with Loki. It uses an IE plug-in combined with some wifi triangulation that will allow me to quickly update my location with the click of a button, provided I'm online (that's more common that you'd think).

So here is some Loki information about my current whereabouts:


Click on those will take you to some more detailed information. And if you'd like to stalk me without refreshing this page, feel free to subscribe to this RSS feed.

If you need to contact me, all my contact details are here. I'm also on plaxo, linked in, and facebook should you prefer to find me there.

Now this information is more or less "where I was" - it's only as accurate as I refresh it. If you're one of my pals - you may want to check out www.tripit.com - I use this for planning all my travel so if you happen to be in Redmond or at a conference the same time as me - it's a great way for doing that. It's also a great itinerary planning tool that I've mentioned before - just forward your travel confirmation emails to their email bot and it will parse out and build up the itinerary for you nice and spiffy with Google Maps and weather forecasts for your destination.