Silverlight 2 - Fundamentals

I'm sitting through the first part of the Building RIA using Silverlight 2 session. The starting point is some of the new, but quite fundamental elements of Silverlight 2

First off, the schedule of releases at the moment are:

Beta 1 = today, with a non-commercial go-live license

Beta 2 = Q208, including a commercial go-live license

Silverlight 2 now includes a TextBox (only about a year too late).

Silverlight works in a sandbox. It has access to local storage through isolated storage. But basically consider Silverlight applications to have the same level of local storage as your current web browser.

Silverlight supports cross-domain requests, but the target domain needs to be configured (via a policy file) to accept requests from Silverlight.

Silverlight has a number of classes available to allow a number of easy mechanisms to make a request to the current or a different domain. And those requests can be made both synchronously and asynchronously.

A large number of intrinsic controls are now available. And the controls are very skinable.

There is support to one- or two-way data binding. The binding mechanism seems to be quite similar to ASP.NET, although the syntax is a little different.