Scott Guthrie Keynote - 3

Silverlight 2 beta includes

  • Multi-language support - VB, C#, Iron Ruby, Iron Python
  • WPF UI, including data binding
  • Networking stack - REST, SOAP, WS-*, sockets. And cross-domain stuff is supported
  • Integrated Data Support - LINQ, and the ability to cache data across browser sessions
  • High performance
  • Small download, fast install - 4.3 MB download, no .NET Framework download required, working with Novell on a Linux implementation

Includes a lot of built-in controls

  • Sliders
  • Calendars
  • DatePicker
  • DataGrid

Built-in controls are shipped with source included in the beta. Open license allows for modification and resale.

The built-in controls are now completely skinable, including custom animations.

Also including unit testing capability for Silverlight controls. Around 1200 unit tests included for the built-in controls.

They are also shipping preview versions of Silverlight tools for VS2008 and Expression.