Scott Guthrie Keynote - 1

Silverlight 2 Beta 1 is available for download after the keynote

Changes include enhancements for media. Sorry, but this section includes terms that don't mean that much to me. High Def? I thought he was a rapper. ;) But let me make some notes

Adaptive Streaming - The Silverlight client can adaptively determine the bandwidth between the client and the server and set the bit-rate appropriately. And can change on-the-fly, if necessary

Total Cost of Ownership - Windows Media Services 2008 is free. Provides 3x the scalability of other services, yet maintains a high level of reliability. Also, there is support for progressive downloading, including bit-rate throttling. Progressive downloading means that the initial 10s or so of content is bursted out, but beyond that it just maintains the 10s buffer instead of trying to get as much content as you can to the client as quickly as you can.

Business Opportunities - Integration of advertising into the Silverlight experience. Jon Harris demos a Silverlight Advertising Template. Template is a Visual Studio 2008 project template and the wizard used to create it. The result is a project that includes a fair bit of commonly used Silverlight functionality