Ray Ozzie's Keynote - 1

If you want to know why Microsoft made the play for Yahoo, look no further than one of the three main focuses that Ray Ozzie sees for the near future. He expects on-line ad revenues to double to $80B annually over the next two years. And to not make such a play is to basically concede the bulk of the market to Google (my opinion, not his)

The second prong in Microsoft's strategy is based on the idea that the Internet has become a hub of a large number of devices. The list goes from PC to gaming systems to cell phones to cars. The idea of the Web is to bring together a collection of personal devices. And one of the guiding principles of Microsoft's software offerings is to provide a mechanism to facilitate this future.

The business side of the "Internet is a hub" is being brought out in virtualization. Current software will be "refactored" to support virtualization in many different ways.

"Small pieces loosely joined" (a Weinberg quote, I believe) is the new motto.

More to come...