Looking for Clues

So one of the question about MIX is whether there will be a 'surprise' announcement. Last year, it was the Windows Live Streamer that allowed people to store video in the cloud and have it served to your site.

I don't think the availability of Silverlight 2 qualifies. There are many sessions that have a Silverlight 2 label and in the hands-on lab section, I was told that the Silverlight 2 labs that are in the list won't be available until after the keynote. So not much of a surprise there.

However, there is a block of hands-on lab computers that were not active yesterday. And there is a rumour of a session titled "X talking about Y" that will be dropped into one of the open session blocks. Both of these suggest that some announcement in the tool realm will be dropped sometime in the next couple of hours. Stay tuned.