Missing Timer job definitions after SharePoint move

If you have recently moved your SharePoint site (WSS 3.0 or MOSS 2007) from one hardware to another using backup/restore procedure, you might have noticed a few missing timer jobs definitions: Scheduled Approval, Scheduled Page Review, Scheduled Unpublish, Variations Propagate Page Job Definition, and Variations Propagate Site Job Definition. In our case, we had multilingual SharePoint site that stopped propagating variations after SharePoint move, so the content created in one language was not re-created in another. Very frustrating…

After looking into the problem, I discovered that SharePoint does not restore those timer job definitions by default. Naturally, not having those jobs will cause problems with scheduled publishing as well as variations propagation. To get those timer job definitions back on the list and running again, you will have cheat a little by creating a new site collection using Publishing Portal or Collaboration Portal templates. Creating new site collection using Publishing Portal or Collaboration Portal templates will force SharePoint to create missing timer job definitions. New site collection can be removed shortly after created.

Note: Changes made in variations since the SharePoint move might take while to propagate. To expedite the propagation you can manually force the variations update.