Uploading large files to TFS

We used to get a timeout error every time we tried to upload files larger than 48Kb to TFS. The timeout error was caused by one of numerous IIS hidden settings, i.e. UploadReadAheadSize parameter in IIS. Because this parameter is not set by default, IIS uses the default schema value of 48Kb. 

To allow larger files to be uploaded to TFS, we had to change this parameter to a larger value (in our case I've set it to 10Mb). Here is how it's done:

  1. Open Command Prompt
  2. Go to your Inetpub\adminscripts folder
  3. Type in adsutil get w3svc/UploadReadAheadSize to check your current setting
  4. To change this parameter, type in adsutil set w3svc/UploadReadAheadSize SIZE_IN_BYTES. For example to set this parameter to 10Mb use "10000000" as the size
  5. Type in adsutil get w3svc/UploadReadAheadSize again to make sure that the parameter has been changed