Inside Information - ObjectSharp to Announce: VSTS Testers course

Duration: 3 days

Description: This 3 day hands-on class will equip students with the techniques and best practices for using Visual Studio Team Edition for Testers and Team Foundation Server to manage the quality of software within the development life cycle.

This course is intended for Software Quality Assurance Professionals (a.k.a. “Testers, Leads & QA Managers”) who are either using or interested in learning about Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Team System Edition for Testers.

This course will train students how to use the tools to author and execute various types of testing supported by Team System, and how to effectively use the Team Foundation Server defect tracking features as part of a holistic approach to software development. Students will learn about work items, builds, version control, managing tests, code coverage, executing test runs, reporting and how all these items are part of an integrated solution for Quality Assurance teams and the whole development life cycle process.

This course goes beyond teaching the basics of automated testing and defect management. It covers quality assurance best practices related to analyzing requirements, understanding the best testing approach, authoring effective tests (both automated and manual) and the integration of the quality assurance role within the larger development team.

The course content is a combination of lectures, slides, demonstrations, hands-on labs, group discussions and exercise from instructors who are not only experienced with the Team System tools, but also seasoned veterans of the quality assurance discipline. 

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