From Geek to Chic: Everything you need to know to get your Mac on - May 17, 2007 - DevTeach, Montreal - -123

"Hi, I'm a Mac....and a PC too."

Ok, you've decided to make your next laptop a MacBook Pro, but how do you keep your day job?  How do you right-click?  Should you run Windows virtualized or dual boot Vista with Bootcamp?  Where did the eject button go on the DVD-ROM?  How do you do cross platform testing with Silverlight?  And where is the best place to buy black turtlenecks? What's the deal with Office on a Mac?  All will be revealed by a PC nerd turned Mac hipster.

Don't miss this DevTeach Session by Barry Gervin, a Principal Consultant with ObjectSharp Consulting.  Barry, a technical leader with over 15 years experience, has helped many development teams architect and build large-scale mission critical applications.

Barry is skilled in the Architecture and Development of Distributed Applications and Databases. Some of his notable recent work is aimed at establishing best practices for .NET development. He has been deeply involved with Microsoft's .NET platform and is a convert from the PowerBuilder development community.

In addition to consulting, Barry has been a Software Development Instructor for over 10 years and currently holds a MS Certified Trainer designation in addition to .NET MS Certified Solution Developer and MS Solution Framework Practitioner designations.