Drilling Down on the Silverlight Hype

First off, I do think that Silverlight is a very cool piece of technology. Want to see just how astounding? Check out the Top Banana demo application that was part of yesterday's MIX keynote. You can also find it here.

What I found most astounding is that Top Banana is a browser-based application with cross-browser support.

Silverlight is also touting that it allows .NET to run on the various browsers. Which it will do at version 1.1. Keep that in mind. The Silverlight that was released as a beta version yesterday (albeit with a "Go Live" license) does not have .NET support. Programming against the object model is done using JavaScript. The version that contains .NET support was released as an alpha version without the Go Live license. In other words, the cross-platform .NET support is only available as a preview.

Not that it won't be cool when it becomes 'real', but keep that in mind when you're looking at the various demos. Remember to ask which version was used to put the demo together.