What's the Big Announcement?

For weeks now, there has been a buzz about a big announcement at the Mix '07 conference. Well, in his keynote, Ray Ozzie made the following announcements: 

Expression Studio is shipping today - See here for the details. One of the interesting elements of Expression Studio is that it includes the standard edition of Visual Studio 2005. As I mentioned in my last post, I haven't seen the developer experience for Silverlight. Hopefully with this will be at least similar to what developers already expect.

Silverlight Streaming - A companion service to Silverlight. The idea is to allow Silverlight applications to be posted to a set of Microsoft servers in the cloud. From this cloud, the applications can then be delivered to client browsers through your web site. First I've heard of this, so if I misunderstood this 'third part' of the Microsoft strategy, I'll correct it later.

Scott Guthrie announce that Silverlight includes a cross-platform .NET Framework. As of 20 minutes ago, there was a preview for this functionality that was available on the web.  While it is a Beta version, it does have a "Go Live" license.

Silverlight can be downloaded from here. The SDK can be found here.

More to come


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