Talk to Conestoga College's "Computer Programmer/Analyst" Students

Today I had the great pleasure of giving a talk to the graduating class of Conestoga College's  "Computer Programmer/Analyst" program, and a few students from the Health Informatics degree program as well. I must admit that at first I struggled with what to talk to them about but when I thought about when I was a student, I remembered simply being eager to know anything more about the world outside the school walls. So I decided to just give them a glimpse of the world that I know best, namely the world of Software Architecture. Since that is primarily what I do, I decided to try to give them a feel for what Software Architecture is.

I have posted the slides from the talk here:, but bear in mind that, without the accompanying talk, the slides themselves offer very little. However, I thought I'd make them available in case any of the students wanted to look at them to remind them of what I talked about.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.