Software Management Roundtable Event: "Building Quality Software with Team System" - March 29, 2007 - Toronto - -118

“Bridging Test Driven Development and the Quality Assurance Discipline“

Quality Assurance is often seen as the job of the "Testers", performed when the development is complete. The reality is that you can't easily add quality to software. Discovering issues after initial development can be costly and risky. How can tools and processes help us discover and resolve issues sooner, during design and development? Can we do this cost-effectively? Is this the job of agile test-driven development or a traditional quality assurance discipline?

This roundtable will inspire discussion amongst your fellow architects, project managers and QA leaders to explore practices that can bridge these disciplines together -- earlier and continually throughout the software development lifecycle. We'll also learn from software development groups that are effectively using the Microsoft Team System platform as a basis of effective team communication, collaboration and governance.

This Breakfast presentation will take place at the St. Andrews Club and Conference Centre in downtown Toronto.  For more information or to register, please contact Julie James at 416-216-4603 ext. 1 OR please send an email to