Bruce Johnson presents "Windows Communications Foundation (WCF) and Transactions" at the Toronto Metro .NET User Group - February 12, 2007 - Toronto - -115

Don't miss this event on Windows Communications Foundation (WCF) and Transactions.
By now, many of you know that Windows Communications Foundation (WCF) is the next phase in the ‘servicification’ of the .NET platform. Through WCF, it is possible to build secure and reliable connected system, something which has been a challenge to this point. However, there is an aspect of WCF which allows connected systems to easily progress beyond what was available in the past – transactions. While transactions have been used by developers at the database level for years, they have not been readily available to the developers of distributed applications. And this is something that WCF has changed. In this session, Bruce will look at the problems that developers have had working with transactions in Web services and, most importantly, how WCF can be used to solve this often overlooked problem.

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Location: 200 Bloor Street East Toronto (Manulife Financial), Toronto - International A