Vista DreamScene

While I was out at the Vista Ice House in Toronto last week they were demo'ing 'DreamScene', which is movies as desktop wallpapers.  The basic idea is that you take a small subtle looping video and apply it as your background.  Obviously this is eye candy only, but it is pretty impressive eye candy when done properly.  There is a video here that shows a couple of examples.


DreamScene is one of those annoying Ultimate Extras which must really drive anyone without Ultimate absolutely nuts.  Thankfully I have Ultimate, and managed to get my hands on a beta (the official release is apparently some vague time in the future), only problem is that the beta does not seem to support dual-monitors, something that hopefully will be addressed in time for the final release.  WinCustomize has started a page where you can get some DreamScene movies, apparently both in-house created, and user submitted.  It doesn't appear that the page is ready for primetime, but you can check it out none the less.