Reset permissions for existing folders on a new Vista Install

I just did a fresh install of Vista Ultimate on my home desktop PC.  The install all went fairly smooth except for 2 things:

1) IIS was not installed, and I missed the little checkbox to install ASP support.

2) I had a lot of problems accessing my existing Documents And Settings folders and could not access (only read access) my other partitions.  Even as Administrator I could not seem to set permissions on these folders and drives so I could write to them.  Thankfully Tim Sneath came to the rescue with a posting about 'Deleting the Undeletable' in which he explains how to reset the permissions on files to give yourself access to them. 

it's not unusual to find some folders that can't be accessed, even by an administrator, because their ACLs were set for accounts with SIDs that applied to an old partition

Tim provides a quick batch command that will allow you to reset the proper permissions for the Administrators group. 

takeown /f %1 /r /d y
icacls %1 /grant administrators:F /t

Just pass it a directory to start at (it is recursive).

Big thanks to Tim.