My new Prius

Well, I finally got my new car, a Toyota Prius Hybrid last week. It took a bit longer than I had hoped since I ordered it fully geeked out with GPS Navigation, Voice Activation, integrated Bluetooth headset, and rearview camera which my kids, and more importantly their bikes are happy about.

So far, I'm digging it. I'm getting pretty good mileage for cooler Canadian temperatures. Of couse this vehicle gets good mileage on its own, but when I can, I'm trying to drive pulse and glide style to maximize the mileage. You can keep track of my actual mileage on the right of my blog which I'll report tank by tank. My first tank averaged 4.9L/100km or 48MPG. The tank range seems to be in the 900-1000km range (45L). Aside from the reduction in burning fossil fuels, the greenhouse gas emmissions are quite low so I'm happy to be doing my part there.

The Prius & Hybrid Communities are extremely active online which is nice to learn tips and tricks. Apparently the European and Japanese models are now shipping with parking assistance. Fortunately I'm not challenged in that regard and can probably parallel park faster than this computer.

Check out the video:

Video: Prius_IPA_innen