Precocious Children

I usually don’t talk about my ‘real’ life on this blog as I try to keep it more technically slanted. I probably should create a category about the trials and tribulations of raising young children, as I’m a relative expert in this process. As of this moment, I have four who range in age from 10 down to 4. I say ‘as of this moment’ not because I expect more (we’ve taken steps) but because the oldest is almost 11.

Of the four, the one that is most ‘interesting’ is number two. He has just turned 9, reads two grades above his age level and finds most of what he’s taking in class boring. This, as you might guess, is a recipe for trouble. Not bad trouble, but he’s the kid who we get regular communications from his teacher about behavioral issues.

On the up side, he will occasionally do things that give us hours of laughter. Such as the following, which is from an email that appeared in his in-box a short time ago. And yes, I do read his email. He’s 9 and I feel a responsibility to keep track of what his up to.

From: "Job Search Agents" <>
Reply-To: "Monster Job Search Agent" <>
To: <hisemailaddress>
Subject: Monster Jobsearch Agent - 22/12/2006
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2006 02:30:43 -0500

Great news! We have found new jobs matching your job search agent criteria!

Here are the results that were found on December 22, 2006:

Your job search agent titled  "magician" matched new jobs based on your search criteria. Listed below are the top 3 match(es)... (Just click on the job title to view a job.)

Dec 21, Seasonal Warehouse Magic!,, US-CA-Sausalito
Dec 21, Assistant to Operations Director,, US-CA-Sausalito
Dec 21, Marketing Manager UK, Aladdin Knowledge Systems (Deutschland)
GmbH, UK-London-Windsor

First off, notice how he has gone to to create a job search for himself. He’s in to an ‘I need to earn money’ phase, so this definitely fits. He even started a blog that I’ve mentioned previously ( as a way to make money. Second, check out the type of job he’s looking for – magician. He’s an amateur magician with an emphasis on ‘amateur. Finally, notice that indeed Monster went to great lengths to find a match.

Believe me that the finding of this email gave us much in the way of holiday cheer.