Toshiba M400, Vista RC2 & Updated Bios 2.03 = goodness

On the Toshiba Vista RC1 Support Page, Toshiba quietly added some updates. The most interesting one, a new bios 2.03. Previously the latest available was 1.70. I didn't immediately notice much difference. I did a recalculation of my Vista score and the numbers are all identical after the update. But I did notice a BIG difference today when I came into the office an plugged in my external ViewSonic 20ā€ VX2025wm external monitor. I'm now geting the fully 1680x1050 resolution of this monitor. Previiously, I could only get 1600x1200 (with goofy scrolling/clipping & flickering) or 1280x1024). This was also the max I could drive on XP as well. No amount of graphics or monitors would fix that problem but 2.03 of the bios seems to add support for this. I may verify this on XP in the next week of so, but so far for Vista RC2, works great.

I also noticed that after the bios and reboot, on restart, there were some new devices detected and installed, namely, Direct Application Launcher Button (x 2). The buttons on the tablet don't seem to do anything different with some preliminary. I had previously installed the Toshiba Tablet PC Buttons Driver  (V2.0.2.0). The Lock/Key button still brings up the full screen lock menu (same as CTRL-ALT-DEL). The ā€œiā€ (toshiba assist?) doesn't do anything and neither does the presentation button (last on the right). The rotate (hold down Esc) button still rotates in a sequential order - I have never had the automatic orientation sensor work in Vista. One thing I did notice with rotation is that the external monitors stays the way it is and doesn't get all screwy. I can't be sure if that's because of this most recent bios update or not but all is good on that front. The 4 way button & enter still works as expected.