Looking for Kid Book Reviews?

I don’t normally verge away from the technical when it comes to this blog, but I promised my son this post. A little over two weeks ago, he started a blog. Specifically, he starting writing book reviews for the many books that he reads. So if you have a boy in the range of 6–10 years old , check out http://camsreviews.blogspot.com. The one thing I will say is that, if you’re trying to get your child starting to read, these are the books to go for. The content, at least in some situation, may not seem perfect (some of the books are scary and the Captain Underpants series has what most would consider to be bathroom humor). But the content is also the reason why they keep reading. Something about gross humor seems to work like that. And ultimately, that’s really what’s important.

If you like what you see, leave him a comment. He’ll be thrilled to know that someone is reading his reviews.