I haven't blogged anything this summer. I plan on getting back into it soon. It's been a crazy summer, nice but crazy.

I just took a week off to go to a family reunion in N.B. The reunion was on my Dad's side of the family. Everyone from my Dad's parents down. It was great to see everyone and the location was beautiful. We met at the Bay of Fundy. I had never been there, if you get a chance go, it's wonderful. After the reunion my son Gareth and I spent the week driving back. It was a nice road trip. Starting at the bay of Fundy we drove to Moncton and spent the night at my cousins. Where we had a wonderful time. The next day we put my wife Tracy on a plane home and drove to PEI. Where we stayed at a Bed and Breakfast near Summerside. The bridge to PEI is huge. Had a great scallop and shrimp meal in New London and did some touring around. From PEI we drove to Portland Maine, where we stayed at another lovely B&B. From there we drove to Salem MA. That was the most fun, we did lots there, including a ghost walk and watched a reenactment of a witch trial from 1692. We went into a replica of the witches dungeon. It's a lovely city with nice pubs, good food and lots of stores full of spell books and potion ingredients. After Salem we drove to Wolfe Island in the 1000 Islands. We were going to stay over night there but decided to head home. So we got a Tim's and hit the 401. Nice trip glad to be done driving.

I'll get Blogging again soon.I just have to get these kids back to school first. :)