The Ramifications of .NET 3.0

If you weren’t listening closely, you might have missed the announcement that the WinFX technologies have been renamed to .NET 3.0. One of the questions I have been fielding frequently here at TechEd is ‘what does .NET 3.0 mean to .NET 2.0 applications’.

The answer is ‘nothing’.

.NET 3.0 is an additive upgrade for the Framework. That is to say that the actual installation process for .NET 3.0 involves first checking to see if .NET 2.0 is installed. If not, then .NET 2.0 is installed. Only after .NET 2.0 is available do the four pillars of WinFX (Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Presentation Foundation, CardSpace and Windows Workflow). get installed.

If you’re looking for more information about this, check out But in the short term, take away the fact that the introduction of .NET 3.0 means nothing when it comes to developing .NET 2.0 applications.