Boston Culture and Interesting People

The Boston Culture was Durgin Park. We went tonight for dinner. You have to do it. It's a 180 year old Boston landmark. Like they say “Your great grandfather likely had dinner there.”

Interesting People: I went to a session today by Jesper Johansson called Is that application really safe? I went on John Lam's recommendation. I'm glad I did. It was an excellent presentation. Security can be interesting. That was the first interesting person I saw today.

Tonight we went to the influencer's party at Ned Divines Bruce and I were walking around seeing who was there. We asked to borrow a chair from a table where two ladies were sitting and got chatting with them. They were both British and their job was to organize and execute Tech Ed Europe. I have mentioned before in my blog how amazed I am how something this huge comes together, and here I was with the chance to chat with the people who do it. They were very interesting to talk to, they mostly wanted our opinion on various matters. Which of course we gave them, however not without asking a bunch of questions about organizing something like Tech ed or PDC.

Interesting day all around.