More on Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals

Was looking at sessions for the afternoon. And came across one that I had missed before on this topic. The book didn't actually say it was about this but I recognized the name Mairread O'Donovan from the VSTS influencer's the night before. She was the one telling me about this new product.

I have been skipping VSTS sessions so far since I have been working with it for so long I thought they might be too light, but this is new and I wanted to see the product in action.

Some of the features I didn't find out about last night.

  • Reverse engineer your SQL Server Database
  • Version Control
  • Schema Build and Deploy
  • Unit Testing
  • Schema Compare
  • Data Compare
  • Data Generator (This is a nice tool for creating sample test Data, FOR DEVELOPERS NOT TESTERS we'll talk later)
  • Schema refactoring
  • TSQL editor
  • Query Execution
  • Plus the normal Team Foundation Server stuff (Work items and Process Integration)

It would be nice if they would also include in this tool the following. If the Team is reading this feel free to use this as high level requirements.

  • Integrate Profiler
  • Debugging from code straight into SQL easily with no extra work
  • Modeling (for Barry)