Tech Ed Transportation

I really can't go the week without saying something about the people in charge of getting us from our hotels to the conference centre and back again.

The Buses run often and everyone is bending over backwards to help you get from A to B.

Two examples.

  1. I left the conference today to go to a Staples and stop in at the hotel for something. I got on a bus that was going to a hotel that was near the Staples.  I was the only one on the bus. The driver asked me which hotel, to which I replied I'm actually going to the Staples so I'll get off at which ever hotel is closest. He dropped me off right in front of the Staples.
  2. I was talking to the guy who handles the bus outside our hotel. I asked him when the next bus would go. If it was more then 20 min I was going to walk. He tells me it's going to be 10 minutes. So I said I was going to walk around Quincy Market for a few minutes and I would come right back. On my way back I see him running across the street to find me in the market to tell me the bus was here and ready to take me back.

That is good service. To all those in charge of transportation at Tech-Ed 2006. Thank you!