TechEd06-Day1: Precon with Ron Jacobs ARC001

I left for TechEd bright and early at 6:30am this morning and have arrive in beautiful Boston. I've checked in, and first job is to attend Ron Jacob's Pre-Conference on Software Architecture. This is a 6 hour session broken into sub-areas. During the day, in between sections, Ron will be interviewing real-world architects on stage about the subjects he is covering during his session. Ron will be interviewing myself on the topics of Requirements, and a little later on Design Patterns.

Ron asked me specifically to not prepare anything so that I can respond to his content unfiltered, honest and open. This should be fun.

A few good links of interest:

  • Ron Jacobs blog
  • - an interesting site that Ron's team has been working on for educating folks on Architecture. The site is new and shiny so the content is still coming.