Upgrading from Team Foundation Server Beta 3 Refresh to RTM

The other day I blogged about which version of TFS RTM to install since only the Trial and Workgroup editions are available on MSDN as of today.

Today I thought I'd blog a few thought about a common upgrade scenario: Upgrading Team Foundation Server Beta 3 Refresh to the RTM (Released to Manufacturing) version. In addition to having the software downloaded, you'll also need the upgrading package which you can download here.

The upgrade package has a nice readme file that walks you through the process (more or less) of performing the upgrade. The upgrade steps include things like backing up your databases, verifying everything is cool, installing some hotfixes to both SQL Server and ASP.NET, migrating the database schemas, and finally reinstalling the RTM version of the software. There is also guidance around things that will be a little trickier if you've done things like customize the process templates or reports. The OLAP cubes have changed significantly so it might be better just to rewrite the reports.

During the installation of the RTM software, the first step is a system health check. One gotcha I got hung up with a bit was the memory requirement. The server I was upgrading was not one that I did the original install. The memory requirement for TFS on a single server install is 1Gb. This (virtual) machine only had 512mb. I think I recall seeing this healthcheck in the Beta 3 Refresh and/or Release Candidate - but I believe it allowed you to skip past the warning. No such rope is provided to hang yourself with the RTM version.

After the installation of the RTM bits, a concluding step is to make sure the Reporting Warehouse is updated (or being updated). All of these detailed instructions of course are covered in the document in the Upgrade Package.

One of the other things you'll have to do is go around on to each client computer that has Team Explorer install and uninstall the beta, and reinstall the RTM bits as well. And then...sweet VSTS/TFS RTM goodness.

Just to repeat, this is a very simple and common scenario that I figured I'd add a few ancedotes about. the whole process (just on the server) took me no more than 2-3 hours. If you have a dual server configuration and done some Work Item or Reporting customization, then there is some more planning and work involved.