Tech Support

If you are a mechanic people ask you about their car, if you are a lawyer they ask you legal advise, if you are a doctor they have a pain. I remember a day when being a programmer meant no one talked to you about your work. This is because they didn't understand it. If you said you were a programmer the standard reply was. “Good for you that sure is the up and coming business to be in.”

I remember complaining that I couldn't go to a party and talk about what I did, unless I met another programmer. No one wanted to hear it. Then along came the Personal Computer. Suddenly everyone knows what Ram is.  Now when someone finds out you are a developer they all want to talk to you about pop-ups, viruses, networks you name it. Perhaps the old days were not so bad. :)

The reality is, I don't mind helping out my friends and family at all. I'm happy to be able to talk to people about what I do. This way I can trade computer help with some skills I need help with.

As a matter of fact I recently helped my wifes boss out. He sent me this and this, I got a chuckle out of them. I thought I would pass them along to anyone else who has helped someone they know with their computer.