The Movie Business

This past weekend I spent 5 days on a movie set. This was not in Hollywood, but rather on a farm north of Harriston, ON. Its a production being created by York University students called “The Great Fear“. Why was I there you ask? Well, my son was one of the actors in the movie. Less then a year ago he told me he wanted to be an actor. Well this 11 year old made his dream come true in less then a year. I'm so proud of him, but that is another story.

Like most people I have watched the Oscars waiting like most people for the Best Actress and Best Actor categories to be presented. Scoffing at the set design, lighting, sound, costume, makeup, and camera people. Just to mention a few. Not to mention all the people who setup, tear down, move, get, send, lift, cook, run the list goes on and on.

I always knew it took a lot of people to make a movie and I think, I thought, I appreciated them. Until you actually see it in action you have no idea.

The people working on creating “The Great Fear” worked their butts off. They take their craft very seriously and it was great to see young people so passionate about something.  I cant wait to see the final product.

To everyone I met last weekend. You have enhanced Gareth and my lives in more ways then you will ever know. Thank you!

I took some pictures, if you like you can see them here.