Get Rich by Running Windows XP on a MacBook

Colin Nederkoorn is hosting a contest over at to see who can get a MacBook Pro to natively dual boot into Windows XP first. The new MacBook, which is built on a 32-bit dual core Intel CPU, starts shipping February 15th, 2006 and he has his order placed. But if he can't run WinXP on it, he's going to have to send it back

Even though the new MacBook Pro is an Intel based machine, it forgoes a traditional BIOS in favour of a new EFI based hardware abstraction. While Microsoft officially supports EFI motherboards in Windows Vista and and 64-bit versions of Windows, they have stated that they will not support EFI in Windows XP 32-bit. There is hope that a BIOS compatibility mode normally included on Intel's EFI chipsets will be present on the shipping version versions of the MacBook. If not, maybe it can be retrofitted. Apple has publicly stated that they will not do anything specifically to prevent running Windows XP on their hardware so optimism is running high..

Colin has offered $100 of his own money for the contest and invited others to add to the pool which is now over $!