New BizTalk 2006 5 day Course -> Building BizTalk 2006 Solutions Best Practices

I am in the process of writing a new BizTalk 2006 course as below:


BizTalk is all about messaging and how messages are processed and routed between a companies internal applications (for example: Sap/Mainframe/Peoplesoft/ Database/JD Edwards/Web Services etc.) and how messages are exchanged with trading partners (B2B). BizTalk provides an excellent framework for implementing many common messaging patterns such as:
a) Scatter/Gatherer pattern
b) Splitter pattern
c) Aggregator pattern
d) Message Broker pattern
e) etc.
The objective of this course is to provide students with all the necessary tools to implement messaging patterns using BizTalk 2006.

Below are some of the topics with labs for the course:

a) Various methods to Create Schemas for XML and Flat files messages.
b) Mapping using the BizTalk Mapper, custom XSLT and other alternatives
will be discussed to perform complex transformations.
c) An introduction into building Custom Adapters
d) An introduction into building Custom Pipeline Components
e) Interacting with the BizTalk Messaging Engine
f) Creating and using Custom Pipelines
g) Orchestrations.
h) Using xpath in Orchestrations.
i) Web Services and BizTalk
j) Error Handling with BizTalk
k) Debugging BizTalk Solutions
l) Deploying BizTalk Solutions
m) Business Activity Monitoring and BizTalk
n) Business Rules Engine
o) Implementing Common Enterprise Integration Patterns with BizTalk.
Some of the patterns discussed and put into practice are:
Message Broker
Content Based Routing
Splitter Pattern
Normalizer Pattern
Aggregator Pattern
Additionally the new features of BizTalk 2006 will be highlighted and used in Labs.

It is quite a bit for a five day course (not sure if all of it will make it in). From my experience using the product and teaching a BTS 2004 course for the past year and a half, the above is what I would like to cover in the course.

If you have a suggestion for additional topics for the course, please reply to this entry. I would love to hear them.

Update: This course is available now. Building BizTalk Server 2006 Solutions Best Practices