Metro .NET User Group Meeting - A Lap Around VSTS - Nov 24, 2005 - Toronto, ON - -88

Join Dave Lloyd for a tour of the features of Visual Studio Team Systems (VSTS). Very light on the Power Point - heavy on the demos!

Today's software systems are comprised of numerous distributed services, spanning platforms, protocols, and programming languages, all with significant impact on the operations environment. Moreover, teams have become increasingly specialized and geographically distributed. Successful deployment of modern solutions depends on bridging the communication gap between development and operations so that the entire IT department is represented early and often throughout the software lifecycle.

The new Visual Studio Team System expands significantly on Microsoft's demonstrated successes in delivering highly productive tools, by offering businesses tightly integrated and extensible lifecycle tools to increase the predictability of their software development process.

Dave will cover these topics:

* Connecting to Team Foundation Server
* Selecting a Process
* Project Portal
* Process Guidance
* Work Items
* Designers (Class/Application/DataCentre/Deployment)
* Source control
* Comparing VSTS with Source Safe 2005
* Unit testing
* Creating a test
* Running a test
* Manual Tests
* Code Coverage
* Static Analysis
* Profiling

Location: 200 Bloor Street East (Manulife Financial)

To register and for more information, please view this link.