Mainstream Local Search Maps must have a scalability problem

“Tim Horton's near Hamilton, ON” should be a test case for any good local/map search enginge.

MSN Local?

In MicroSpeak, I'm “super“ disappointed. Come on, not even close. Like I really need to drive to New York State to find a Tim's. At least you have 9 listed, that's more than I expected in NY. And what's up with the “residential listing“. Can I do that? Can I get a Tim's right in my house. Sweet.


Nice try. At least I don't need a passport and more change to cross the toll bridge than the actual price of a coffee. But I'm still finding it hard to believe there is only one Timmy's in Hamilton.

And for the record, there is, according to the horses mouth, 78 Tim Horton's within 10km from the epi-centre of Downtown Hamilton. (

I should qualify that by saying “as of October 8th, 2:55pm”. We really need an MSN Alert or an RSS feed for this kind of data.

Update: Reader Kevin MacDonald of Pentura points out that has market on caffinated google mashups. Here's a focused Hamilton Tim's Link. Kevin - I owe you coffee!