.Net DataWindow 2.0

Doug Porter was good enough to let me know about a .Net Datawindow 2.0 Web Cast

This is interesting to me for a couple of reasons. As you know I am a fan of the DataWindow. I however have some issues with it in the .net world, because the SQL and UI layers are so tightly coupled.  I have been in touch with Sybase over the past year and they have been very responsive to the input of outsiders. One thing I have been asking for is DataSet support. Being able to use a DataSet or DataTable as the Datasource for a .Net Datawindow. Well it's coming, and version 2.0 has it. Dave Fish gave me a demonstration at PDC 05. With this feature you will be able to create a Data Access Layer and still utilize the power of the Datawindow. Once I get my hands on the Beta I will try it out report back here.

This Web Cast will cover the following new features:

  • Using .NET Datasets and Datatables as DataWindow datasources
  • Visual Studio 2005 Support
  • Dot Notation (Indexer) access to DataWindow Data
  • Hierarchical (Treeview) Style DataWindow
  • Enhanced Drop Down DataWindows for Web Apps