PDC Day 4 the last day

The last day is always quiet. Many have left. Went to a session this morning. Then went to the hands on lab, they were great this year, Blair and I did a Sparkle lab. That was very very cool. Too bad I couldn't capture a video of it. My windows application had a glowing ellipse circling the application and when you changed products the right detail panel flew in like a flip card along with it's reflection. The people working in the labs were developers of the products. I hit a bug in the lab and called someone over they smiled and said I know what's happened that's my bug. :) It was great to get a chance to try it out with the developer right there and be able to talk to them about it. Windows development is going to be very cool in the future.

My first Windows Presentation Foundation Application

So how was my third PDC? I found the organization and logistics excellent. The busses were always there when you walked out. The Attendee party was great and well organized. We had more time at the park then last year. The meals were mostly good. I enjoyed the exhibition hall, lots of vendors. I got to chat with some guys from Sybase that I have talked to on the phone and via email about the .Net Datawindow. The Hands on labs were fantastic.

The content and sessions however were not as good as past years. Some of them I really enjoyed but on a whole I was not as impressed. Mind you there was a lot more new at the last two I attended. The exciting stuff we saw in 2003 had new names but it was still the same stuff. ( WPF - Avalon, WCF - Indigo) A lot of session titles were misleading I thought. I would go to and it would be something different then I was expecting. Maybe I need to read the outline more carefully, but I was not the only one saying this.

What was cool? LINQ is cool. WWF is cool even though it has an unfortunate acronym. VSTS is cool and Whidbey is cool, but they are not new, I have been playing with and demoing them for almost 2 years now. Anders session on C# was great. He told the audience "Please give feedback on these 3.0 features because they are not carved in stone, we haven't even released whidbey yet". That kind of summed it up for me. Maybe next spring would have been a better time for this PDC.

It was so quiet at the conference centre that I headed to the airport and got an earlier flight so I wouldn't have to take the red eye. I'm to old for red eyes. Found Rob Windsor there is noon flight was apparently at 3:10. :)

Now I'm waiting for my DVD of everything so I can watch some of the sessions I didn't make it to.