Great Customer Services Sells

One of the things that really turns my head when it comes to software is great customer service. I have been using a product called ClearContext for about six months now. It is a tool that allows you to prioritize the email that arrive in your Outlook in-box. I have found it quite effective in whittling my in box from almost 1000 to less than 75.

But this post isn’t intended to be an ad for ClearContext. Instead, it was their service that set them off. A little while ago, I lost a hard drive on which I ran Outlook. Which means I also lost the licensing information for ClearContext. While I could download and run the product without the license, the nag screen eventually got to me. On Saturday at 1:33 pm, I sent an email to ClearContext asking if they could resend my registration key.  Before 1:45 pm, I had received the keys I requested.

Why is this so incredible? Because I don’t get the sense that ClearContext is a huge company. It’s certainly not a Dell, Microsoft or Oracle that have support staff 24x7. But they gave me exactly what I wanted when I wanted it. Can’t do any better than that and it’s certainly worth a plug in my blog.