PDC Day 3 - Part I keynote

Went to the keynote this morning. It was all about servers. Some cool demo's but nothing too exciting. I guess if you get all excited about servers it must have been good.

There was an excellent video before the session started though. Microsoft people talking about a new (GPF) error message box. The error message has two buttons instead of share information and don't share information the buttons on this new dialog read Share Pain and Don't Share Pain. When you click Share pain it shows you video of the developer that wrote the code that caused the crash you just experienced. Then you have three options. Stick them with a pin, electrocute them, flip the back of their seat down and up again to hit them in the back and force their face into their desk. Then when you push the button of choice so you can share your pain with the developer that caused it. :) They even went to the trouble of showing the technology behind the developers chair.

It was very funny.