PDC Day 2 - Part I

This morning at the keynote we were shown some new products that Microsoft is coming out with and a new designer for Visual Studio.

The products are touted by Microsoft as their Expression Family of Products they include:

  1. Acrylic Graphics Designer
    This is an editor for manipulating and creating graphics both Vector based and bitmap graphics. The demo was impressive. We'll see.
  2. Quarts Web Designer
    This is a design tool for Web page designers, incorporating CSS, XSLT, Master Pages, ASP.Net.
  3. Sparkle Interactive Designer
    This tool will allow a graphic designer the ability to create a Windows Form (generates XAML) . The demo was a designer and a developer working together on a windows form. One designing a cool interface and the other writing the code.

Visual Studio Tools for Applications
This is the new VBA. Cool demo of extending Auto Cad to include purchase and pricing information for a component right from a Cad drawing.

Windows Workflow Foundation
This is very cool. It's a work flow designer for Visual Studio. You can create your own workflow activities and reuse them from the toolbox. Check out Barry's Blog for more information and linkns to other resources.