Invasion of the Language Snatchers

While spending my weekend perusing blog and other light bedtime reading. In doing so, I came across an interesting entry by Rocky Lhotka. He discusses the Mort persona and it’s impact on the features found in VB.NET.  I agree with his observation that the continuous suggestion that VB is not a ‘real’ language has driven a large number of Morts to C#.  I did a number of the MSDN Whidbey User Group tours across Canada and was surprise how often C# is the language of choice even if the development team is already VB familiar. So the trend to adding Mort-desired functionality is only going to pick up speed.

So is this a good thing for C# developers.  I, for one, believe that it is.  Many of the productivity advancement for Visual Studio come up through the VB.NET ranks. Improved intellisense.  Edit and continue. Having Mort push on the C# IDE will only improve it over time.  If your disappointed by the impurities that might be added to C#, don’t fret. You can always take up Ruby.