App.Config for BizTalk 2004

As part of a current project, I'm utilizing some standard .NET assemblies in the BizTalk mapping.  Because these same assemblies can be used in other non-BizTalk applications, they utilize the app.config file to store potentially changing information.  Naturally, because these assemblies and indeed pretty much all of BizTalk run out of the Global Assembly Cache, the location for the app.config file becomes a little challenging to determine.  While there are a number of potential solutions for where the information can be stored, I found that the simplest is to place the config information in to the BizTalk server config file.  This file is called BTSNTSvc.exe.config and can be found in the installation directory for BizTalk.  Also, if you're going to make a change to this file, you need to stop and restart the BizTalk services to get it picked up.