Metro Toronto User Group - Taking Charge of VS.NET

I know that it's late notice, but I'm actually a last minute replacement.  I'm going to be speaking at the Metro Toronto User Group meeting this evening.  To keep as many people happy as possible, I'm going to keep the same topic with a bit of a twist.  The original topic, which is Taking Charge of the VS.NET IDE, included some demonstrations of automatic data binding using a custom built framework.  Since I don't have such a framework at hand, I'm going to fall back on a bird of a feather trick used by my colleagues Dave Lloyd and Barry Gervin.  I'll be talking about macros and the extensibility framework, sure.  But then I'm going to break into a collection of tips and tricks that can help make the IDE more useful.  I'll be looking to the audience members to kick in their own favorites as well.  So if you're planning on being there this evening, bring your faves and be ready to share.