BizTalk EDI and Virtual PC

As you might have figured out (from my recent posts), I'm working on a BizTalk project.  Specifically, I've been dealing with the joys of trying to get the base EDI adapter working the way that I want/expect.  Yesterday, it was trying to get the 850 Schema validated. There are two items that I want to mention that got in my way.

First, because of all the different software I try out, I'm a firm believer and user of Virtual PC.  So the BizTalk I'm using is installed on a VPC running 2K3.  The system on which it's running has 1GB of RAM, around 650MB are allocated to the VPC.

So back to the story.  In the BizTalk project in VS.NET, you right click on a schema and select Validate Schema.  This basically runs the XSL2EDI.exe process to validate the schema and convert it into the BizTalkEDIDb tables.  On my system, I was finding that running this process would freeze my machine after about 10 minutes of running.  And by 'freeze', I don't just mean the VPC.  My entire system would seize up, requiring a hard reboot to get started again.  After having this happen a couple of times, I looked at what might be the cause.

Turns out that the project in which the schema I was validating still had an orchestration running.  Once I stopped the orchestration, the freezing problem seems to be solved.  Or, to put it a slightly more pragmatic way, it hasn't happened since and I've validated more than one schema since then. It's only empirical evidence, but it's all that I have.