XSD2EDI Failed to convert XSD

I've been spending some time on BizTalk Server 2004 these past few weeks.  And for the next few, just so that you know the source of future posts.  I've run into this situation a couple of times, so I'm posting as much as a reminder to me as for any other reason.

My current project has me working EDI (after a seven or eight year absense) integration with an existing application.  As a result, I get the chance to work with BizTalk's EDI Adapter. From a configuration perspective, it's quite simple to get set up, but I was receiving a strange error on my build.

XSD2EDI: Failed to convert XSD: Compiling repository failed

According to a support article (http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=883549), this is caused by an authentication issue with the BizTalk Base EDI Service.  But, in my case, that wasn't the problem. Instead, what appears to be happening is that this server, even though it is marked as being Automatic, wasn't starting.  The first time I saw this error, the service actually Disabled, so you need to address that particular issue.  But even after that, I would still see the error the next time I rebooted the server.  Nothing in the event log to indicate a problem, so at the moment I'm both puzzled and looking for clues.  I'll keep you posted if I find something.