End of VB6 Support, it could be worst.

As you may have heard, VB6 is coming to it's end of free support shortly. Apparently a bunch of VB6 developers who haven't made the move to .NET are a bit upset. I've declined to comment on the issue as I don't really have much to say one way or the other. But it is interesting to question how MS compares to the competition in supporting their developer tools?

MS has supported VB6 for 7 years. That is also the current plan with SQL Server 2000.

IBM you ask? Web Sphere Application Server 3.5 - only support for slightly more than 3 years. They got a bit better with 4.0 supporting it for about 6 months longer than 3.5 - not quite 4 years.

I'm not a WebSphere expert, but I suppose another argument could be that there was a more direct migration path between those version and the current version 6 as compared to VB6 and VB.NET.