More Class Designer Productivity Potential: Batch Editing.

Daniel Moth says that he's not excited about the properties box in the class designer and would prefer to use the code editor to make those kinds of changes. It may not be obvious but one of the things you can do with that properties pane that you can't do in the code editor is make multiple changes across several class or several members at the same time.

Select all of the items that you want to make a mass change to, and any common properties are show in the properties dialog. I find this useful for decorating properties of my own components with custom attributes. Perhaps I want to change a bunch of methods to Static.

Daniel mentions another limitation. There is no full signature support on the model surface in the class designer. This makes it impossible to see the differences between your overloads. In fact, overloads are all grouped together and a count is shown.

Another mass editing scenario would be to change the XML comments on a bunch of methods - for example several overloads. You can't see the individual overloaded methods - just one of them with a “+1 overloads“ next to them. Furthermore, when you change the comment for a method that is overloaded (and shown as “+2 overloads“) one would hope the comment would be applied to all of the overloads, however the comment is only applied to the first one. Hopefully this is a bug and will be fixed. I've logged it with MS in the Product Feedback Center.