Cool Feature with my HP PSC 2510 Photosmart All in One

This is a great printer. It's a decent all around business and photo printer. My wife likes the card reader with lcd screen. She can pop in our camera chip - hit proof sheet, and after the proof sheet is printed, she can check off (with a pen) which pictures and what sizes she wants....drop the proof sheet back in hit scan, and out come the pictures.

I do so little scanning so I'm glad to have my full flatbed scanner off the desk. I don't really miss the sheet feeder on my old dedicated HP rarely worked anyway.

Now faxing I do even less of. I hate faxes. They should be outlawed. I refuse to put a fax # on my business card. If you want me to never read something - send it by fax. But occasionally, I have to fax stuff. I always hate the process - even with my 2510. First I'm printing whatever document (usually a contract) somebody wants me to sign. Then I'm printing a cover sheet. I can't fax right from the computer since it requires a signature. Yeah I suppose I could scan my signature and paste it in - but then I'd have to find that.

The cool feature I found in the HP software is the ability to have part of the fax come from the scanner - and part from the computer directly. In the fax dialog its the "Pages in Unit" check box. Cool - now I don't have to print out a stupid cover sheet just to scan i t, fax it and trash it.

Did I mention this printer is USB, Networked AND 802.11b wireless? The other thing I like about it is the card reader. It also shows up as a network drive to any of the computers with the driver installed. I can also use the scanner without the driver installed if I go to it's web page. What a cool printer. BTW, I've had it for about a year now and my out of box experience is still high.