Creating/Modifiying Schemas in BizTalk 2004. Quick Tip.

When BizTalk 2004 is installed on a developer machine, one of the many things that
is installed is the BizTalk Editor. The BizTalk Editor isĀ used to
create and modify .xsd schemas in VS2003 that will eventually be used in a BizTalk process.

The BizTalk Editor is broken up into three parts:
1) The left hand side displays a tree structure to add new nodes to the specification.
2) The centre displays the xml markup representation of the schema.
3) The right hand side displays the properties pane, to edit the properties of the currently
highlighed node on the left hand side tree structure.

This is illustrated below.

One of the limiting factors of the BizTalk Editor is that the centre xml markup representation
is not editable.

To be able to edit the xml markup representation of the .xsd schema do this:
1) Right mouse button on the schema and choose Open With... on the pop up menu.
2) A dialog such as the one below will appear -> In this dialog, choose XML Schema editor.

3) The .xsd schema will now display in the XML Schema Editor. This editor is more object based,
displaying each element in a box. New attributes can be added to the Invoice, Invoices and InvoiceItem
elements. The properties window, can also be used to edit individual attributes.

4) While in the editor, at the bottom choose the XML tab, as below.

5) Now the below schema can be edited directly.